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Beaumont Texas Medical Marijuana

If you're a Beaumont resident considering the potential benefits of medical marijuana, you're in the right place. The Texas Compassionate Use Registry Program, along with Texas Medical Marijuana Doctors (TXMMD), offers a path to access this treatment option. Let's explore how to get started with medical marijuana in Beaumont, TX.

5 Steps to Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Prescription in Beaumont, TX

1. Check Your Eligibility: Review the list of qualifying medical conditions in Texas to see if your health situation is compatible with the program.
2. Photo ID: Prepare your valid, government-issued Texas photo ID to confirm your residency.
3. Email Access: Create a private email address for confidential discussions about your medical marijuana journey.
4. Medical History: Collect relevant medical records to give your doctor a comprehensive overview of your health.
5. Physician Consultation: Schedule an appointment with a registered physician who can assess your eligibility and determine if medical marijuana in Beaumont, TX, is the right treatment path for you.

Essential Information for Beaumont, TX Residents

1. Insurance Coverage: Due to federal regulations, medical marijuana treatments are not currently covered by health insurance. Be prepared for out-of-pocket costs.
2. Patient Identification: While Texas doesn't require a medical marijuana card, TXMMD provides one for your convenience within our system. This can simplify the process if you interact with our services.

Request an appointment

**Please note: Because marijuana is still federally illegal, we are unable to accept/work with insurance companies for appointment payment.

*Please also note: TXMMD gives all of our patients a Medical Marijuana Card, but this card is for internal use that identify you as our patient and is not required by the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. 

Explore Medical Marijuana in Beaumont with TXMMD

Beaumont's medical marijuana program prioritizes your health. Let our healthcare experts guide you through the process, helping you understand potential benefits and risks. Ready to explore your options? Contact TXMMD today for personalized support.

Frequently Asked Questions



Question: What is Medical Marijuana (also known as “low-THC cannabis”) in Beaumont? Answer: In Beaumont, medical marijuana refers to low-THC cannabis products that a registered physician may prescribe to manage certain medical conditions as part of the Texas Compassionate Use Program (CUP). This type of cannabis is carefully regulated and focuses on potential therapeutic effects, differing significantly from recreational marijuana, which aims for intoxication.
Question: Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Beaumont? Answer: Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Beaumont, TX, but only within the framework of the Texas CUP. To participate, you must meet these requirements: 1. Qualifying Diagnosis: Obtain a diagnosis from a physician registered with the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT) confirming you have a state-approved medical condition. 2. Physician's Prescription: Receive a prescription for low-THC cannabis products from your registered physician.


Question: How Do I Obtain Medical Marijuana in Beaumont? Answer: To obtain medical marijuana in Beaumont, TX., you must first be entered into the CURT. This involves getting a diagnosis of an approved medical condition from a registered physician, such as those at TXMMD. Once officially part of the CURT system, you can contact a licensed dispensing organization in Texas to place an order for low-THC cannabis products and arrange for either delivery or pickup.

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