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El Paso Texas Medical Marijuana

Texas Medical Marijuana Doctors is leading the way to provide access to medical marijuana in Texas through the Compassionate Use Registry Program.

Receive your medical marijuana prescription in just 5 easy steps:

1. Have one or more approved qualifying diagnoses.

2. Have a valid photo ID issued by the State of Texas.

3. Have access to a private email.

4. Ability to submit your medical records to our office.

5. Meet with one of our participating physicians of the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas to certify your diagnosis and determine whether the potential benefits of the medical use of low-THC cannabis outweigh the risks.

Request an appointment

**Please note: Because marijuana is still federally illegal, we are unable to accept/work with insurance companies for appointment payment.

*Please also note: TXMMD gives all of our patients a Medical Marijuana Card, but this card is for internal use that identify you as our patient and is not required by the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. 

Frequently Asked Questions



Question: Is medical marijuana legal in El Paso? Answer: Yes, a person can be registered in the Texas Compassionate Use Program by a TCUP-registered medical provider as long as the patient qualifies under the qualifying conditions set out under Texas law.
Question: How easy is it to get a medical marijuana card in Texas? Answer: Very! Most patients with qualifying conditions are able to see our doctors and get input into the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas within 30 minutes!


Question: How much is it to get a medical marijuana card in Texas? Answer: Most appointments cost a flat rate of $300 for the year. This includes any follow-up appointments needed to adjust your prescription and free card replacement. If you recertify with us next year before your old prescription expires the prices drops to a flat rate of $200 for the year. This pricing excludes people on parole/probation or in any legal matters that require them to take a drug test.

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