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Fort Worth Texas Medical Marijuana

Obtaining medical marijuana in Fort Worth, Texas, is a streamlined process, thanks to the Texas Medical Marijuana Doctors and the Compassionate Use Registry Program. Here’s how you can get started:

5 Easy Steps to Your Medical Marijuana Prescription in Fort Worth

To receive your medical marijuana prescription in Fort Worth, just follow these five simple steps:

Qualifying Diagnosis: Ensure you have one or more of the approved medical conditions.
Valid State ID: You'll need a photo ID issued by Texas.
Email Access: A private email address is essential for secure communication.
Medical Records Submission: Prepare to provide your medical history to our office.
Physician Consultation: The final step to accessing medical marijuana in Fort Worth involves a meeting with a participating physician who will assess your eligibility and the potential benefits of using low-THC cannabis.

Important Points to Remember for Fort Worth Patients

Insurance Limitations: As marijuana is federally illegal, we can't process insurance for appointment payments.
Medical Marijuana Card: TXMMD provides an internal-use Medical Marijuana Card. While not mandatory for the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT), this card helps identify you as our patient.

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**Please note: Because marijuana is still federally illegal, we are unable to accept/work with insurance companies for appointment payment.

*Please also note: TXMMD gives all of our patients a Medical Marijuana Card, but this card is for internal use that identify you as our patient and is not required by the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. 

Frequently Asked Questions



Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Fort Worth? While medical marijuana is legal under the Compassionate Use Program in Texas, recreational use remains illegal.
How Easy Is It to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Fort Worth? Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Fort Worth is pretty straightforward. Most patients with qualifying conditions can consult our doctors and enter the CURT in about 30 minutes!


What is the Cost of a Medical Marijuana Card Through TXMMD in Fort Worth? The standard cost for a year-long appointment, including any necessary follow-ups and card replacements, is $300. If you renew with TXMMD before your current prescription expires, the cost for the next year is reduced to $200. Note: This pricing does not apply to individuals on parole or probation or involved in legal matters requiring drug testing.

Navigating Medical Marijuana Access in Fort Worth with TXMMD

Fort Worth residents looking for medical marijuana solutions can find a patient-friendly and efficient pathway through TXMMD. With a clear process and supportive care, accessing medical marijuana in Fort Worth is more accessible than ever, bringing potential relief and improved well-being to those in need.

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