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Houston Texas Medical Marijuana

If you're seeking the potential benefits of medical marijuana in Houston, know that access to relief is within reach. The Compassionate Use Registry Program and qualified experts from Texas Medical Marijuana Doctors (TXMMD) offer a path to explore this treatment option. Here’s how to begin:

5 Steps to Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Prescription in Houston

1. Qualifying Condition: Check if your health condition is included on the Texas list of eligible conditions for Houston medical marijuana.
2. Texas ID: You'll need a valid, government-issued Texas photo ID to verify your residency.
3. Personal Email: Set up a private email address for confidential communication with healthcare providers.
4. Medical Records: Gather your medical records to help your doctor assess your situation.
5. Physician Consultation: Meet with a registered physician to discuss if medical marijuana is a suitable treatment option for you.

Important Points to Remember for Houston Residents

1. Insurance Coverage: Currently, medical marijuana treatments are not covered by health insurance plans due to federal regulations.
2. Patient Identification: While not required by the state, TXMMD will provide you with a Medical Marijuana Card for internal use. This card can help quickly identify you as a registered patient within our system.

Request an appointment

**Please note: Because marijuana is still federally illegal, we are unable to accept/work with insurance companies for appointment payment.

*Please also note: TXMMD gives all of our patients a Medical Marijuana Card, but this card is for internal use that identify you as our patient and is not required by the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. 

Accessing Medical Marijuana in Houston with TXMMD

If you're considering medical marijuana in Houston, TXMMD simplifies the process. We offer clear guidance, personalized care, and the potential for improved quality of life through accessible medical marijuana options. Schedule your appointment at TXMMD today!

Frequently Asked Questions



Question: Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Houston? Answer: Texas doesn't have a traditional state-issued medical marijuana card system. However, if you qualify, your physician can provide you with a prescription. TXMMD also issues internal-use cards to help identify you as a registered patient.
Question: What is the Cost Involved in Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Prescription in Texas? Answer: Most Houston medical marijuana consultations have a flat-rate fee. At our practice, this is $300 annually, which includes any needed follow-up appointments and a free replacement card. Recertification within a year of your current prescription drops to a flat rate of $200. Important Note: If you are currently on parole/probation or involved in legal matters requiring drug testing, you may not be eligible for a medical marijuana prescription.


Question: Are There Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Houston? Answer: Yes, Houston has several dispensaries where you can obtain your prescribed medical marijuana. Once registered in the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT), your healthcare provider at TXMMD will give you a list of dispensaries to choose from.

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