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Jennifer Torres

2006-2017 /Austin, Texas & Afghanistan /Army

Jennifer Torres

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I served in the Army for 11 years as a 42A/F5 Human Resources Specialist/Postal specialist. I went to Basic training in Fort Jackson which at that time is where my PTSD started as I was sexually Assault by one of my Drill Sergeants. From that point it was always hard for me but I tried to push myself through. I deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan where I was there for entirely of 400 days. While being there so much happened which caused my PTSD, Depression, Anxiety to get really bad as I was not able to sleep. After returning home I continued to try and seek help. I was diagnosed and put n 90% disability with Chronic Severe Asthma, PTSD, Anxiety. Depression, Chronic shoulder pain and more. I have my struggles still that I try to over come as much as possible but it is truly hard.

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