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PV1 Jordan Paredes

Served 2 years Fort Bragg, NC Army

PV1 Jordan Paredes

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In the Army I was an 88N I had experienced severe trauma after a close loved one was involved in a plane crash that left the individual completely debilitated with complete loss of brain function and became bedridden in hospice. I could no longer feel like myself after this event I became very depressed along had came severe anxiety and suicidal ideations. I felt I had no one close that I could go to that I could trust, me being worried that any mention of my mental health issues I would instantly have a stigma placed on me. I ended up towards the end of my career in the Army to finally make the choice to get help. As of now I am a 100 percent P & T disabled veteran. Unfortunately my depression and anxiety symptoms have worsened with a multitude of issues even through treatment causing me to not care for my wellbeing, do daily activities, maintain relationships, or keep a steady job. I do also have a hand injury and a neck injury that both needed surgery. I continue to deal with increasing pain causing sleepless nights not to mention the anxiety and panic attacks that interfere with it as well.

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