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Empowering Change: Lamont Ratcliff's Mission for Equity in Medical Marijuana Access

Introduction and photo of founder Lamont Ratcliff

Lamont Ratcliff, a seasoned registered nurse with over two decades of experience in the medical field, is not just a CEO but a trailblazer in the realm of medical marijuana. As the founder and CEO of Texas's largest medical marijuana clinic, Ratcliff is not only providing essential healthcare services but also championing diversity and inclusion in an industry historically lacking in minority representation.

When asked about his inspiration for venturing into the medical marijuana industry, Ratcliff's response reflects his deep-rooted commitment to addressing disparities.
"I've been in the medical field for 20 years," he shares, "what inspired me was the lack of minority participation at an ownership level."
With less than 3% representation across the board in the medical marijuana industry, Ratcliff recognized an urgent need for change. However, he acknowledges the challenges he faced, particularly the dearth of minority inclusion programs within the cannabis industry.

Looking ahead, Ratcliff envisions a future for medical marijuana in Texas characterized by higher dosages and a shift towards more lenient legislation. "A higher dosage allows patients to titrate: slowly decreasing any controlled substance such as vicodin and xanax," he elaborates. This allows patients to move away from harmful side effects caused by controlled substances. To adapt to potential changes in legislation or market dynamics, Ratcliff's clinic is strategically positioning itself throughout the state to maximize accessibility and serve as many people as possible.

Collaboration has been key to the success of Ratcliff's clinic, with notable partnerships contributing significantly. For instance, his collaboration with local colleges like the University of Houston has resulted in a mobile clinic on campus, educating students about responsible medical cannabis use. This initiative not only provides essential services but also empowers students with knowledge about relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, partnerships with CBD stores that offer unique QR codes for card registration and the establishment of a virtual clinic further enhance accessibility to services.

Ratcliff's clinic doesn't stop at providing alternative healthcare; it's also actively involved in advocacy efforts to expand medical marijuana access. Ratcliff himself, along with Dr. McBath, is deeply engaged in community outreach, working closely with law enforcement, probation, and parole officers to educate them about certification letters and medical marijuana cards. Furthermore, the clinic actively participates in political organizations throughout Texas, advocating for policy changes through donations and medical testimony.

Lamont Ratcliff's journey as the founder and CEO of Texas's largest black-owned medical marijuana clinic exemplifies not only entrepreneurship but also a profound commitment to equity, justice, and overall improved quality of life. Through his leadership and tireless advocacy, Ratcliff is not just breaking barriers but reshaping the landscape of the medical marijuana industry for the better.


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